The Long & Short of It

This summer has been a long one for me on many levels and just as short on others.  I discovered a lump at the base of my throat.  I remember thinking, “hmm..., that’s not supposed to be there”.  We were experiencing major rains and flooding in our area and I thought perhaps it had something to do with all of the stuff in the air with mold, mildew, and in between rains the pollen of the spring and summer season.  So I decided to wait it out a week and reevaluate.  The lump was still there.  I made an appointment to see my doctor who initially said to me “you can perceive it more than I can palpate it, but there is definitely something there”.  Further evaluation was done with an ultrasound and then a biopsy.  Surgery was scheduled to remove the benign growth.  Many prayers were said on my behalf and I can honestly say that I have felt each and every one.  The Lord is my Healer!

In this ever changing and fast pace world we live in, God has provided to us the knowledge and essentials to help us get through whatever we face.  Listening to my doctors and researching their advice in addition to approaching my issue in a holistic manner, I have felt reassured that all would be well.  During this summer, I have used Frankincense to help calm, soothe, and encourage healing.  To prepare for the biopsy, I took Grounding and Calming blends with me, applying them to my wrists and in my diffuser necklace.  This brought such comfort!  Have you ever had your neck poked/biopsied?  I’ve used frankincense and melaleuca in combination in order to support healing when my body decided to erupt in a rough and painful breakout after the biopsy.  I’ve used helichrysum to reduce the blemish and improve the look of the skin on my neck after the biopsy and now after the surgery.  And lastly, I’ve used the Protecting blend to support a healthy immunity.  Pain?  I’ve actually had very little to complain of and I believe it’s because of our great God and what He provided.

During my overnight hospital stay after surgery, I complained of head tension.  It really wasn’t bad, but something I noticed.  I probably wouldn’t have said anything about it had I been at home and a little less groggy.  My nurse asked me what I normally use in these instances, my reply “essential oils”.  Funny, Nurse Polly was all out!  I happened to have some in my bag and she happily allowed me to apply them.  What did I use?  Frankincense again.  Essential oils are so very versatile.