Essential Oils

Before jumping into this "new" world of health and wellness, I observed a young woman that I met while networking. She seemed to have an "IT" that I just couldn't put my finger on at first. I observed her for quite some time and then learned about her business. She is a Wellness Advocate educating those who chose to invest in themselves how to use essential oils to support their health, clean their homes, and use them aromatically to help support better moods. Her "IT" was happiness, and contentment in what she was doing and the products the company offered. Not only that, but what the company does around the world to enable others to have a better life - literally to make a better life for themselves. I wanted to know more!

I attended one of her Wellness classes where we made blends in a roller bottle that we could take home. I made a blend to support a restful night's sleep, something my husband had not had in years - seriously. Well, that night I brought the oil out and told him that we were going to use it with an open mind to see if it would help promote a more restful sleep. He looked at me with doubt on his face and and attitude of humor but stuck his feet out for me to apply (yes, it goes on the bottom of your feet). Guess what?! He slept a solid 5 hours before waking up. Remember, he had not done that in years! A week went by with a better night of rest each night. He was convinced and so was I!

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