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Hello,  I'm pleased to meet you.

I'm just a country girl living in a big city, or very near it anyway. I grew up in the heart of farming country where everyone worked to help make ends meet and never knew we had life too hard. Was it hard? Yes! But, I wouldn't trade a day of it. I grew up playing bare foot outside in the summer time and walking to school during the school year. I was a Brownie, Junior Girl Scout, and Cadet as well as a GA and an Acteen in church. I also participated in choir, and band but I marched as a majorette and did a stint as a cheerleader. 

I learned my work ethic through my parents, my mother a stay at home mom who later became an antiques dealer and my father who was a boilermaker who later became a logger. They have worked hard all of my life, they continue to set the bar,. If I wanted something, I learned to work for it.  

My career has been split between the medical field and banking.  In both I have worked administratively with progressive responsibilities, finally working with C-Level executives.  I've "worked in the trenches" as a nurse aide in nursing homes and in a medical office specializing in hematology and oncology.  These were some of the most personally rewarding positions that I ever held.  Later, I moved into administrative work in a university hospital in physical therapy, social services, and pastoral care.  

After a big move to Texas, I spent four years promoting a family owned stock car track.  Now that was hard work, but FUN!  I had to use every administrative skill I knew as well as learn how to market to draw in sponsors and a crowd.  I was truly sad when the track closed due to the health of the owner but it gave me the opportunity to spread my wings in yet another direction.

I worked with an interior designer as an office manager enjoying the variety of responsibilities and the clientele that came through.  If I wasn't assembling furniture or assisting a client with choosing new decor, I was in the office refining my administrative skills.  When the opportunity to work in a bank practically fell in my lap, I couldn't turn it down.

Banking is where I spent my last corporate years within the wealth management arena working with executives that helped others invest their hard earned money where it would yield the best returns and set their family's financial future in place.  It was here that I learned about Virtual Assisting at a time when I could see the "writing on the wall" and witness friends and colleagues whose positions were being eliminated.  

I was fortunate that I had a year to prepare!  I've since enjoyed the opportunity to work for myself supporting others virtually.  It has been a challenge, and most definitely interesting.  In addition, it has given me the opportunity to focus on my health and wellness and to discover essential oils.

With essential oils, it feels as if I have come full circle, back "home", so to speak.  The healthcare field is where I started and where I most wanted to be.  I find that using essential oils not only makes me feel better, I know that my family and friends that use them do too.

Do you want to experience the power of pure essential oils?  Do you want the opportunity to feel more in control of your own healthcare?  You CAN.

Do you need an extra "right hand"?  Do you have a to-do list a mile long?  I can help you do those things you really don't like to do.  Need to focus on specific tasks?  Delegate to me those things you can't or don't want to do and I'll do them all the while educating you in ways that essential oils could boost your focus, calm your spirit, and support your immune system. See?  Virtual assisting and essential oils DO go together!

What can I do for you today?