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How May I Assist You?

If you’re looking for high quality administrative services, you’ve come to the right place. With Virtual Assistant Services Team you'll receive the attention and personal service you expect and enjoy. I offer the best in virtual administrative services from correspondence and forms to travel arrangements. Virtual? Yes, there is no need to worry about providing office space for an admin or committing to long term arrangements. You decide what you want or need and leave the rest to me.

Need New Backgrounds?

Looking for something different?  Here are the perfectly imperfect backgrounds for all of your:

  • Social Media quotes on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and more!
  • Use as website backgrounds for something wild and funky.
  • Backgrounds for cards and posters.
  • The possibilities are endless!

Essential Oils

Essential oils have been in existence for centuries and used around the world to flavor our foods, for health and wellness, beauty, and even cleaning our homes. Empowering you to make choices to feel better physically and emotionally while impacting the world around you gives me great joy. 


Find Your Desire

Achieving clarity through discovering your desires, how you really feel about life, love, happiness and success is the ultimate creative process.  What seems to be a hard decision today could be one of the easiest you make when working through your own desires.

Start your journey today.

Note:  I am proud to be an affiliate for this journey.


The Desire Map

Is there a book sitting on your coffee table or book shelf that changed your life? One of those for me is The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. She took that book and turned it into workshop, retreat, and coaching curriculum for all good souls. The power in this book can be taught by anyone, anywhere in the world. 


The Desire Map Workbook

Work through your desires, step by step.  Plan the life you want.



White Hot Truth Bundle


White Hot Truth Hardcover Book
White Hot Truth Audiobook - 6 hours of deliciousness
White Hot Truth eBook
White Hot Truth Book Club Membership. A collection of 18 videos + a written guide + a global community.