Your Colorful Life

Life isn't black or white, it's full of color.  Each and every day we wake up to open our eyes to see what our Creator has blessed us with.  Looking outside, we are bombarded with the colors of nature all year round.  Inside your home, there is color no matter whether you've chosen black or white or the rainbow, there will be color.

How does color affect you?  Take a look a the infograph below, then consider your outlook on your life and work.  Is it time to change the colors you're surrounded with?  In my home, there are earthy, grounding colors with a bright punch here and there. I love the way we have chosen to decorate but I'm finding that my environment isn't particularly conducive to productivity.  Blue is my favorite color and yet it isn't a part of my living and working space.  I've stashed it away in a bedroom, once used by my son.  I am productive, but I am questioning whether I would be much more productive if I were surrounded by the color I love the most.  I've moved my work space from my office which is green (my very least favorite color) because I felt so closed in.  Closed in because I worked from a closet!  I sit in an open space now, able to look out of windows in front of and beside me to see the green space of the yards in our neighborhood.  There are flowers and shrubs, and lots of trees.  Ahhh... 

The color of you.  What is your color?  How does it show up in your personality, in the way that you work?  My friend April Williams, the Creative Brandista, once offered a branding quiz and personality assessment that helped to determine which direction one should head in creating a personal brand.  It was followed by the colors that influence and reflect your working style.  I found it to be extremely informative and probably the most accurate test I've ever taken.  It's also the reason why you find my website in the color of blue.  I am a Poised Peacemaker.  My colors were blues, grays, and white, my nature element was water.  Interestingly, I was born in March under the sign of Pisces.  I'm feeling much more at home, working from home.

Surround yourself with the color that best reflects you.