Four Years In As a Virtual Assistant


It's hard to believe that it has be four years.  The time seems to have passed by quickly in slow motion.  Yes, I said that.

Owning your own business is a dream most of us have whether we act on it or not.  The dream is a challenge and one that I have found to be very satisfying.  I have enjoyed the opportunities I have had to serve those that I have worked with over the past four years.  Waking up with a general idea of what I might do for the day may seem rather boring to some but then the phone could ring and I must decide quickly which hat I'm wearing.

Will I be speaking to the CEO in wealth management who happens to own a vineyard?  Will I be speaking with an executive coach?  Or, maybe I'll be speaking with the small business owner that needs help with social media.  I may be calling to schedule appointments or I may be editing and proofing blog posts.  Some days, I may get a request that just seems to be


out there.

One of the most challenging (and fun) things that I did for a client who happened to be moving across several states, was to map out his route, book his hotel stays, and all the while calling all retail locations of a specific store to locate a teeth whitening kit.  Yes, I called them all! Unfortunately, the kit was not to be found as it had been discontinued a month earlier.  For this same client, I had to learn all about flying his dog across the US so that he could be a part of his wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding and the dog performed as he was directed. For others along the way I have researched promotional items, built social media pages and managed the content, designed flyers and brochures, as well as the usual administrative responsibilities of calendaring and email management.  I have also enjoyed shopping for gift baskets and even had someone call me to choose an 8' tree and the container to put it in and arrange for delivery to a local address.  

I have enjoyed the freedom that working for myself has brought to me as I've discovered that I can pretty much do this type of work from anywhere that I may be.  I've also been able to discover more about who I am and what it is that I want to do.  My heart has always been in the healthcare field and discovering essential oils during these last two years has brought the realization that I can still help people feel better, physically and emotionally.  The essential oils that I have discovered are 100% pure gifts of the earth.  Our body recognizes them as natural and they support our beings in more ways than we can imagine.

I'm happy as a Virtual Assistant and Wellness Advocate, it has come with challenges that, had I not gone through them, I wouldn't have known I could do it.  It has been fun and interesting and I look forward to each and every day.  I'm grateful the Lord has blessed me with this path.